Individual Affiliations with Other Parts of UMBC

Membership on the UMBC Graduate Faculty
Members of the CSST faculty can apply to become members of the graduate faculty. There are two types of member: associate and regular. Members of the CSST faculty and are well-positioned to be initially accepted as associate members; please contact the Director of CSST if you’d like to pursue this. Being a member (associate or regular) is a prerequisite for teaching graduate level courses, advising graduate students, and serving on thesis or dissertation committees. Each degree-granting department has its own additional policies regarding how people participate in the various roles within their graduate programs.  After developing a record of being involved with graduate students, associate members may apply to become regular members of the graduate faculty.
Affiliate Appointments in Other Departments, Programs, and Centers
Section 3 of the UMBC Faculty Handbook allows academic departments, programs, and centers to offer affiliate appointments of faculty or staff from other UMBC units. Thus, people from CSST may obtain affiliate appointments in other UMBC units, and people from other units may obtain affiliate appointments with CSST. The titles of these affiliations are Affiliate Assistant Professor, Affiliate Associate Professor, and Affiliate Professor. Rank is at the discretion of the unit making the affiliate appointment and will not necessarily match the rank within the home unit. The rights, responsibilities, and integration of these roles vary widely by department. While members of the CSST faculty are welcome to pursue this independently by reaching out to colleagues in other units, the CSST faculty are encouraged to work with the Director of CSST throughout this process.